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THE FIRST EDTION DROP August 17, 2021 at 9:00am CEST: 'THE RARES'

0.025 ETH | for all kappas on pre-sale


play, trade & collect

Within the Kappa Collectible universe, players will be able to play, trade, and collect all kinds of different Kappa NFT's each with unique stats. Some Kappa's will also have a special ability, others will have great base stats, and some may just be a very rare sight.

With your Kappa, you can play within the Kappa universe, defeat opponents, socialize, earn NFT items, play casino games or just become a world owner, lay back, and rake in the world's revenue every day.

Coming soon!


Kappa NFT

pre-sale: 0.025 eth | For all initial kappas

Thank you for following Kappa Collectibles.

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