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The game

Here you will find all the information you need about our 'play-to-earn' Kappa game. How the game works, rarities, what the future holds and more.

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The game will be an auto-combat RPG in a 2D multiverse. In the game, you have to progress by clearing stages and fight different kinds of monsters, bosses & NPC', some of them will be very familiar. Clearing stages will give you a chance to loot various NFT items to enhance your Kappas. These items range from rarity and stats and will be able to be sold through 3rd party marketplaces such as Opensea. Eventually, we will integrate a full marketplace system within the game itself.

You will be able to form a team of three Kappa's in total. The more Kappa's on the battlefield the stronger your team will be. Some Kappa's also might hold a special skill that can pop-off randomly dealing insane damage or other mechanics for the players to explore. 

The world

Within the Kappa universe, there will be different planets. Each planet holds a series of stages to be cleared by players, a unique dungeon/raid, social hub area and there are plans to have unique entertainment content on each different planet such as casinos, mini-games, etc. We want all the content to be in the hands of the community so eventually, the planets will be auctioned off. A player owning a planet can expect at least 5% of the total revenue generated by the planet. This includes marketplace sales, casino profit, and other elements like taxes.


Each planet will host different difficulty of stages, a unique dungeon/raid, and unique interest points like stated above,  marketplace, casinos, mini-games & much more. The interest points will be evenly spread out throughout the planets so each planet will become a point of interest within the Kappa universe.


The game will contain single-player & multiplayer elements. Clearing stages will be a single-player experience, however, you will be able to fight other players in the Arena or combine your powers to go on raids, fight world event bosses, forming guilds, and a lot more.


A player will be able to breed additional Kappa's when he/she has at least two different Kappas in their collection. Breeding will also take time and some materials that can be found by clearing stages. Breeding a 'Golden Kappa' with another Kappa will give you a better chance that your breed Kappa will have a golden border. The same applies to stats & special perks your Kappa might hold.


Every Kappa has a different rarity. The original 141 Kappa's are the rarest ones within the universe. Each of them will contain decent to great basic stats (view the total quantities of the original Kappas below). Between closed & open beta an additional 10.000 Kappa's will be released. The rarity depends on the border, Kappa itself & Attributes which are also named as 'talents'. 

For the first initial pre-sale, you are able to purchase the Kappa you want. As stated above there will only be 141 original Kappa's sold for the initial first drop. Most of them are 1/1 meaning there will be only one in existence ever.

Stats & Attributes

The Kappa's stats are based upon their body | Border#1 | Border#2 | Name tag. For example: Gold = 10 basic stats for all the attributes (Basic attack, defence & health).  If the body = Gold | Border#1 = Gold | Border#2 = Gold | Name tag = Gold, it scored 10 points on each attribute resulting in a total of 40 starting points on the basic attack, defence & health. 

These stats can be enhanced by items found in-game. The better your starting Kappa is, the better! To make the first 141 Kappas unique, each other edition will have penalties in their starting attribute points. The first edition Kappa's have zero penalties. The second edition (10.000 randoms) will score -1 on all attributes and the third edition (the Breeds) will have a penalty of -2. A gold Kappa in the first edition will always have better starting attributes than a second edition+ gold Kappa.

Kappa quantity 141 - First edition series 2021 'the Rares' 

Only one will ever exist (1/1)

* KappaGold

* KappaLGBT

* KappaSanta

* Kappa4K

* KappaBob

Only 5 will ever exist (5/5)

* KappaSilver

Only 10 will ever exist (10/10)

* KappaBronze

* KappaBall Z

* KappaKetchum

Only 25 will ever exist (25/25)

* KappaRed

* KappaBlue

* KappaGreen

* KappaYellow

Kappa quantity 10.000 - Second edition series 2021 'the Randoms'

        - Special border (Mystic rare)

        - Gold border (Legendary rare)

        - Silver border (rare)

        - Bronze border (Uncommon)

        - Wood border (common)

        - Special Kappa (Mystic rare)

        - Gold Kappa (Legendary rare)

        - Silver Kappa (rare)

        - Bronze Kappa(Uncommon)

        - Gray Kappa (common)

        - Special Talents ( Some Kappa's hold a single powerful skill. This is defined by their talent)

The Kappa's can also have different unique accessoires which can tell a lot about the Kappa's unique skill. The possibilities are too broad to list them all. If your Kappa has an item, chances are high it contains a unique skill that can be used in battle (Talents).


Every Kappa will have individual base stats. A Golden Kappa will have better base stats than a Silver Kappa and a Silver Kappa has better stats than a Bronze & regular Kappas. Your Kappa is also able to equip items that can be found in-game as NFT's. These items will enhance their stats.

Disclaimer: Base stats can still be tweaked for the original 141 Kappa's to find the perfect balance spot but you can assume that some Kappa's are better than others. For the second edition the randoms all kappa's will be given random statistics.


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